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Leading Together: A 2022 Note from our Managing Partners

In 2021, we stepped into the second year of pandemic life, cautiously optimistic of the change to come and ready to give our team the care and motivation needed to get through another year of ups and downs.

Partnership. We learned to lead together as Mangrove transitioned to a partner leadership model with three managing partners, Megan Yarnall, Marie Koesnodihardjo, and Maiya Holliday. Megan and Marie have been with the company for eight and six years, bringing their expertise to every new project and overall growth of the business. We know that for many working professionals titles matter, and it was time to see these two dedicated employees shift into greater roles of leadership and responsibility as we collectively develop the next phase of Mangrove.

Rebranding and self-examination. This year we took on the challenge of rebranding the company and rebuilding our website — a task that gave us an exponential amount of empathy for clients navigating this particular flavor of existential crisis. We also re-assessed our project and client base with a focus on bringing us closer to our goal of working solely with purpose-driven organizations. Practically, that meant parting ways with a few wonderful clients and partners who didn’t serve our financial and staffing needs, which made room for new clients and relationships that support our longer term strategic equity goals.

Dismantling white supremacy at Mangrove. We were honored to be a part of the inaugural Hella Social Impact cohort, alongside fellow B Corps, in which we utilized new frameworks to deepen our diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Our team began conducting monthly DEI calls to address the characteristics of white supremacy culture that exist within our organization, and to actively explore new ideas and processes that will create a more equitable work environment. We are excited to see what topics come up this year, as we build our team capacity to speak openly and often about inequity as it happens.

Forward. In 2022, we hope to see each other more in person, dive deeper into our B Corp work and develop key partnerships and roles that will allow Mangrove to best serve our current clients while maintaining a flexible and fun work environment. You’ll find a longer list of our 2022 impact goals at the end of this report. We’d love to hear if there is any way we can support your team in building the website of your dreams, or maximizing your impact.

Thank you for being a key part of our ecosystem!

- Maiya, Marie and Megan

Websites that make it easier for good people to do great work.

Mangrove Web is a woman-owned website design and development company with a diverse, talented team distributed around the globe. We’ve been building websites since 2009 that amplify the work of change-making organizations and increase the competitive power of businesses owned by historically marginalized people. As a Certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation, we prioritize working with businesses that share our value of balancing people, planet, purpose, and profit. 

This report shares our success in 2021 as we operate a business based on our values, and serves as our annual benefit report for the year.


Growth, Change, and Self-Examination

This year we launched our new brand and website, hired a few new amazing team members, and dug deep into our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work.

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Explore the Rebrand
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Explore our updated DEIJ Statement

We exceeded many of our expectations in 2021. This drives us to push for even more improvements in 2022.

We are especially proud that we far exceeded our goal of achieving at least 50% of revenue from values-aligned businesses. In 2021, 74.8% of revenue came from purpose-driven or woman- or minority-owned businesses.

Revenue from Values-Aligned Clients

Maintain a minimum % of revenue from "purpose-driven or woman- or minority-owned organizations" (*as defined by the BCorp Impact Assessment)

Goal: 50%
Achievement: 74.8%
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*In past years, our team heavily prioritized working with female-owned organizations, partners and clients, partly because the B Corp certification standards require our team to assess the % of our revenue that comes from "Purpose-driven, Women or Minority-Owned Businesses, or Non-Profits". However, this categorization struck us as too broad at times, as we noticed that many of the women-owned businesses we worked with were predominantly white, from privileged social backgrounds, and not explicitly purpose-driven. While woman-owned businesses are certainly a minority in the world and important to us, we began pondering if this definition from the BIA was giving us enough specific data and accountability in aligning with what really mattered to us. We realized we need to ensure we are prioritizing working with teams and leadership that represent other minorities, including individuals that identify as queer, gender non-conforming, disabled, and BIPOC or NBPOC.

In 2022 we hope to further refine our metrics to make sure our data around values-aligned clients considers more than a binary gender lens.  With this more specific measurement, we can prioritize and increase our engagement with clients and partners who are more deeply values aligned.

Website Accessibility

Goal: Refactor our website to be as close to WCAG Level AA as possible.
Achieved in May 2021 with our website rebuild, and maintained ongoing. We are continually updating items as they arise to make our site more accessible (see a snapshot below).

Goal: Change our baseline client web build to implement “Best Practices” which equates to getting as close to WCAG Level A as possible at launch. Present offerings for WCAG Level A and AA for all client projects.
Achieved, and reassessed regularly.

Screenshot of accessibility audit

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Goal: “Maintain or increase diversity on team (employees+workforce) to remain at 33% or above of members who identify as non-white.”
    As of the end of 2021, 38.46% of our team identify as non-white. 33% of leadership identify as non-white. 

    Goal: “Maintain gender diversity on core team (employees+workforce) to remain at 60% or above of members who identify as female or non-binary.”
    As of the end of 2021, 69.23% of our core team identify as female or non-binary.  
    55.56% of our development team identify as female or non-binary. 
    100% of our leadership team identify as female or non-binary.

    Goal: Extend DEI training to subcontractors in addition to employees.
    We completed a team-led training on Uprooting White Supremacy in November via AORTA. We are planning follow up trainings for 2022.
    We also participated in the
    Hella Social Impact Intensive (B Corp Cohort) as a Leadership team.

    Out of these workshops came the following highlighted actions:

    • Rewrote our DEI statement with full team input 
    • Began holding monthly team-wide DEI calls to discuss a range of topics and get input from all voices - sessions have included "how to estimate projects" (knowledge sharing), "shared decision-making processes", jointly reviewing and contributing to an updated DEI statement, and origin/identity stories.
    • Implemented weekly “Coffee and Tequila: the Sharing of Time” chats for team to connect and get to know each other better.  The only rule is that we don’t talk about work.


    Goal: Offset GHG emissions by 75-99%.
    Results: Emissions were offset by over 100% via BEF and Offset Alliance.

    “If the internet were a country, it would be the 7th largest polluter”Sustainable Web Manifesto
    As a remote digital company, calculating the environmental footprint of the company is currently comprised of calculating the footprint of individual employees and contractors. In 2021, we dove deeper into the topic of what sustainability means for websites and for the services we provide. We learned more about the agile principles, hosting services, and frameworks for calculating the emissions of a website that comprise the current thinking around what it means to create a more sustainable web landscape. 

    Technology and Professional Development

    With the leadership of our first Webflow Expert, Martins, Mangrove was able to launch Webflow sites this year including:  SCHLA, Lion Guardians Annual Report, Mangrove Annual Report, Phoenix Energy, and Biochar.

    We are excited to see how Webflow can meet the needs of growing organizations and expand our skillset. Read more about our experience with Webflow here.
    Screenshot of Lion Guardians home page

    Donating our Money and Time

    Goal: Donate a minimum of 1% of total gross revenue to charitable organizations. 
    Donations equaled 1.2% of total gross revenue. Organizations that we support include Hack the Hood, Tech by Choice, Tech Equity, and Black Girls Code. Read more about our charitable giving philosophy here.

    Goal: Invite team members to direct charitable giving to organizations of their choice.
    Result: Read more about where our team chose to donate and "the why" behind each member's donation.

    Goal: Commit to at least one pro-bono project or a minimum of 75 pro-bono hours per year. 
    Result: We contributed over 80 pro bono hours to Mangrove Action Project - Martins built this site, one of our pro bono projects this year - over 1000 photos from 65 countries!

    Goal: Provide paid volunteer time for employees.
    Result: Try again in 2022. Limited engagement from leadership team, need to assess better process to engage full team.

    Goal: Be a B Corp resource for our peers.
    Result: We engaged in many conversations with aspiring B Corps and B Corp partners throughout the year to share knowledge and resources. Marie continued to serve on the board of B Local Bay Area

      People & Progress: Interconnectivity

      In year 2 of the pandemic, we plugged into our Mangrove community with even greater intention. We immersed ourselves in both light-hearted and intense team bonding activities. We tried out Summer Vacation Fridays, did group learning about website sustainability, implemented Coffee + Tequila Thursdays, and started monthly all-team DEI meetings. We started two new Slack channels for our team to stay connected: “Kudos” and “Name Notice Dismantle.”

      As a regular practice, we also defy the “minimize meeting time” mantra by spending the first 30 minutes on team calls just hanging out and answering the Question of the Week.

      Some of our favorites include:

      • Go-to karaoke song - see our playlist
      • What would your dream house be like?
      • If Professor Charles Xavier showed up to recruit you to join the X-Men. What name would he give you and why?
      • What's your favorite type of art? Digital, realism, abstract, modern, cubism, etc. Do you have a favorite piece you can share? Have you ever been captivated by a piece of art, museum or not?
      • What’s a meal that reminds you of home or childhood? Inspired by the book Crying in H Mart.
      • Imagine there's no pandemic and you feel quite generous, so you decide to invite us all to dinner at your place wherever in the world you live... what do you cook for us?
      •  What is your favorite game from childhood? Inspired by Squid Games


      kel surfyara nee travel mexicojonathan out of officekelly at the beach
      ivana and familymaiya and milesYara-Nee at lake with Milesmarie and friends
      valerie wedding photomegan bikelaura and sonmegan and ski
      senka out of officemartins in red squaresenka out of officeyucatan
      ivana carouselaykan sonmaiya and shaunshelby travel
      Chae out of officeluz and laura climbingjennifer 50th


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      Our day-to-day work

      20 new sites and rebuilds for 2020, 7 retainer clients supported throughout the year

      Selected work

      Selected work from 2021



      Educating activists to create a better financial system for all

      The Project

      We worked with trusted partners to bring the new CivicMakers brand to life in a playful and concise website. CivicMakers was founded from a desire to build community around the intersection between the civic space and technology. The team has grown from an events and community based organization to a consulting practice that offers workshops and provides thought leadership to the greater civic tech community.

      We are very lucky to have found an incredible partner in Mangrove Web. They helped us translate our new brand into a delightful, engaging representation of our team and our work. We couldn't be happier, and are so excited to see where it takes us.
      -Lawrence Grodeska, CEO


      Selected work from 2021

      Is Our Economy Fair

      Is Our Economy Fair

      Educating activists to create a better financial system for all

      The Project

      We built an online interactive questionnaire to support user learning around the unfair foundations of the modern American economy. "Is Our Economy Fair" is a project of the Take on Wall Street campaign. TOWS was created in 2016 to address the predatory economic power of big banks and billionaires, and to build a financial system that works for everyone. Today, their organization is a coalition of over 50 groups hosted by Americans for Financial Reform.

      "Bring whatever ideas, visions, or dreams you have, and see what’s possible; the Mangrove team can do a lot. Be transparent and don’t hold back. Expect them to deliver good quality — hire them."
      -Ericka Taylor, Popular Education Manager


      Selected work from 2021

      Supportive Housing Community Land Alliance

      Supportive Housing Community Land Alliance

      Creating equitable, environmentally sustainable homes

      The Project

      We designed and developed a multilingual site in Webflow that evokes the brand's values of calm, home and healing. Supportive Housing Community Land Alliance (SHCLA) provides environmentally sustainable and affordable housing for people living with serious mental health challenges in Alameda County, CA.


      Other collaborations we’re proud of



      Mangrove has never tried to be a “Jack (or Jill) of all trades.” While we have a range of services, our specialty is in building websites. Our clients are usually seeking more than website development, however, and so we maintain thriving partnerships with other businesses that specialize in complementary design and marketing services. These partners allow us to expand our capacity – and they keep us on our toes, doing our best work, every time. Instead of listing out our partners, we are simply using this space to say thank you for the joyful, insightful collaborations we have engaged in over the year. We will be elaborating more on our partners on our own website in 2022. Stay tuned.

      Goals for 2022

      This annual report serves an accountability function for us. Up above, we summarized our performance against the goals in our 2021 annual report. For 2022, we will track our progress against the following benchmarks.

      Annual commitments

      • Maintain a minimum of 75% of our business from purpose-driven or woman- or minority-owned organizations
      • Donate a minimum of 1% total revenue to charitable organizations. Target donations to organizations supporting diversifying the tech industry in particular.
      • Maintain or increase diversity on team (employees+workforce) to remain at 33% or above of members who identify as non-white.
      • Maintain gender diversity on team (employees+workforce) to remain at 60% or above of members who identify as female or non-binary.
      • Invite team members to direct charitable giving to organizations of their choice.
      • Commit to at least one pro-bono project or a minimum of 75 pro-bono hours per year.
      • Offset GHG emissions by 99%
      • Be a B Corp reference for our peers. Be a purpose-driven business advocate, mentor, and continual learner.
      • Continue to learn and lead in the areas of website accessibility and sustainability.

      In 2022, specifically

      • Create Mangrove’s Culture Code and 5-year plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Include key performance indicators.
      • Complete the SDG Action Manager, an interactive tool that provides a 360-degree view of sustainable development goals and charts paths to improvement.
      • Ensure at least 50% of our team members use their professional development stipend.
      • In addition to tracking revenue from “purpose-driven, women- or minority-owned business” (as outlined by BCorp standards), we will start specifically measuring businesses with more diverse leadership (ie organizations led by individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, gender non-conforming, disabled, BIPOC, NBPOC or any other underrepresented or underserved groups) and aim to increase by 10%. We will also assess the diversity of our current partners and set targets for increasing the diversity of our partners.
      • In 2022, we hope to align our business operations and development practices with the sustainable web design framework created by our B Corp friends at Mightybytes and Wholegrain Digital. We hope to incorporate free tools such as Ecograder and Website Carbon into our workflow in order to understand the environmental impacts of each build, rebuild, or maintenance contract. Those are the first steps toward our long-range goal: to proactively work to decrease or offset the environmental footprint of the websites we oversee.
      • Make sure all of our maintenance websites have been audited for accessibility by the end of 2022 - at no cost to our current clients.
      • Develop partnerships with digital firms that offer web accessibility and manual testing as a service so we can continue to expand our knowledge in this realm and contribute to all of the web being accessible. 

      Thanks for being a part of our work!

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